We are a non-profit association. MasKIT was launched by students and former students of the École polytechnique de Bruxelles. The team grew rapidly by welcoming multiple complementary profiles. The current team is composed by 20 volunteers. MasKIT aims to meet the government demands for the obligation to wear masks.

The money paid to MasKIT is used for the purchase of base materials and production’s costs (equipment’s maintenance, operating costs). It also allows us to have a financial working capital in order to buy base materials in advance and to have stock. MasKIT also has a social purpose. When our stocks are sufficients, we offer masks to associations with a social purpose or to people in financial difficulty.

MasKIT only produces masks in kits. However, before this project, the whole team was working at the FabLab of the Université libre de Bruxelles. Some members of our team worked on ways to produce plastic aprons and medical blouses, while others contributed by producing these blouses and aprons. In total, more than 100 000 visors, 100 000 aprons, 7 000 mask attachments and 800 blouses were distributed to hospitals and primary care physicians.

The kit has the advantage of considerably reducing the production time of our masks as well as its cost. In addition, the kit allows the population to adapt, as they wish, the attachment system of their masks.

The assembly is within everyone's reach and takes about 30 minutes. A clear assembly manual in french and in dutch is provided with the kit but you can also find an english version on our website. Do-it-yourself videos can also be found on the website.
The necessary material is provided in the kit but you will also need a pair of scissors and a hammer (or a blunt object).

Legal norms

Supporting the local economy is part of our values, which is why our suppliers are Belgian and European.

It is of course recommended to wash the mask beforehand since the fabric has been handled for the kit.

Regarding the mask storage pouch, sometimes called "sterile", it’s better to have one in order to avoid contaminating your pocket or bag. A freezer bag will do, but if you don't have one, you can also wrap it in paper towels or an envelope for example.

The masks comply with the recommendations given by AFNOR and the NBN/DTD S 65-001:2020 standard of the Belgian Health Ministry. It is a category 2 mask. These fabric masks filter between 70% and 90% of the particles emitted with a size greater than or equal to 3 microns. It is composed of an outer layer and an inner layer of 100% cotton fabric. It also allows the insertion of a filter.

The purpose of the seams is to fix the inner and outer fabrics of the mask together. With our mask, this is achieved with the help of eight eyelets and folds, thus making it possible to fix the two fabrics of the mask together without any sewing skills.

Yes, the mask is effective. Our masks provide a micro-droplet retention capacity. The filtration level mentions tests with particles up to 3µm in size, which is larger than the size of the Covid-19 virus. The virus is carried in micro-droplets, which are much larger than the virus itself. However, it is still necessary to apply the medical rules such as social distancing.

The Belgian government distributes to the population filters compatible with our masks and respecting the recommendations of the Health Ministry.

Unroll the three folds of the upper part of your mask. Insert the filter between the outer and inner layer. Make sure that the filter is placed flat and over the entire surface of the mask.

Despite their good filtering capacity, these types of filters do not meet medical requirements. These materials are likely to release irritating substances into the air that may cause a risk of allergies (especially severe asthma attacks) or toxicity. In addition, these types of filters do not perform well in terms of air quality.

The guidelines recommend using a mask for a maximum of 4 hours. Each person who works outside their home should therefore bring 3 masks per day: 1 for the morning, 1 for the afternoon and 1 for backup. Remember to wash your hands before and after touching your mask.


This mask is washable at over 65° to remove all traces of the virus as recommended by official recommendations. It can also be tumble dried.

The mask can indeed be boiled in water: the pattern has been designed so that the fabric shrinks to the right size when washed with hot water.

Yes, to remove any wrinkles after washing and to finish drying. Special care should be taken to avoid damaging the mask components, especially the eyelets. Please note that ironing cannot replace washing, as recommended by the health authorities.

Technical details

Use a heavy and strong object to act as a hammer. For example, the handle of a metal butter knife or a wooden broom.

The press is the tool provided in your kit to properly close the eyelets. It’s placed above the washer.

Fabric : If you have cloth at home, don't panic! Templates can be found here. You just have to cut out the missing piece of fabric from a t-shirt or any other fabric (100% cotton) and cut small crosses where the holes are located with scissors.

Eyelets and washers: your kit contains two extra eyelets and washers. If you don't have the eight eyelets and washers needed to build the mask, you can buy eyelets in a sewing store. The ones in the kit are 5mm diameter brass eyelets. Be careful, some eyelets can be coated with nickel which can cause allergies.

Press: Your kit contains an additional press. However, you can close the eyelet without a press event though it requires dexterity. You have to strike straight, with small hits at the beginning until the eyelet bends in the right direction, and larger hits at the end. Use a heavy, strong object to act as a hammer. For example, the handle of a metal butter knife or a wooden broom.

Metal clip: the clip can be replaced by a paper clip, or a binder clip, or even metal wire. Be careful not to hurt yourself with any sharp edges.

Elastic band: any elastic can be used. Non-elastic strings can also be used. The size of the elastic supplied in the kit is about one meter.